3 degree of freedom leg in cylindrical coordinate motion

This clip shows the leg tip following circular and walking motion locii based on a cylindrical coordinate frame. Three complex inverse kinematics equations are being solved in real-time (every 20msec) for the 3 angular displacement servomechanisms. Just one Basic Stamp2SX microcomputer solves these equations with only 2kbytes of memory and uses only 16-bit integers, no trigonmetrical functions; instead only truncated Taylor series are used.

Latest Hexapod Robot

Great care has been taken with this latest design. For example, (i) 60 ball bearing races are used for the leg and tendon joints to give low friction, long life, near-zero maintenance and high repeatability, (ii) hollow legs that have low weight, high stiffness and low polar moment of inertia brought about by careful design, CNC precision machining, and use of aluminium alloy, Delrin plastic and carbon fibre materials