Latest Hexapod Robot

Newest version of hexapod with stiffer, lighter, stronger, legs obtained by 1mm wall thickness hollow tube aluminium tubes for the upper thigh members and carbon fibre tubes for the lower forelegs. This high specification robot has been designed by Frank using AutoDesk Inventor software and finally manufactured on precision CNC machines using aircraft grade aluminium alloy and Delrin plastic. The robot is designed to a professional standard and is highly reliable with low maintenance ball bearing races (total of 60) for the leg joints. Watch the Movieclip below:

The hexapod is aimed to be new and different since many people are now building hexapods. It is different due to its well thought out design and its precision construction but this alone does not set the hexapod apart from the rest. What does make this Hexapod special is the set of five tutorial workbooks and build-up robots (see photo) that teach the design and mathematics of autonomous robots starting from the basic “Electromagnetic Motor Servomechanism” (workbook 1), then to the “Push-rod Tricycle” (workbook 2), then the “3 Degree-of-Freedom Actuating Tool/Robot Leg” (workbook 3), then the “Chariot Robot” (workbook 4) and finally to the “hexapod Robot” (workbook 5). This tutorial set provides a 3 semester hands-on training course for university and college science students (e.g. engineering, computing, applied physics students) that educates students from basic electromagnetic servomechanisms right up to a walking hexapod with sensors. What makes these workbooks special is (i) the effort that has been taken by Frank in making all the mathematical concepts straightforward and (ii) the effort taken in creating illustrations that clarify ideas. In fact the tutorials can be used from A-level school kids right up to challenging Master’s postgraduate level.