Sunday, May 1, 2016

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Ping Pong Hitter. Read more here

Tom's compact robot ball-loaded hitter.Read more here

Drop shot ping pong ball hitter.

Latest Hexapod

Great care has been taken with this latest design. For example, (i) 60 ball bearing races are used for the leg and tendon joints to give low friction, long life, zero maintenance and high repeatability, (ii) legs have low weight, high stiffness and low polar moment of inertia brought about by careful design, CNC precision machining, and use of aluminium alloy, Delrin plastic and carbon fibre materials.Click here to read more>>
  • some published papers

    1. "Sliding Friction Mechanism (SFM) ...." published October 2013 in

    2. "A Tabular Format for Computing Inverse Kinematic Equations for a 3DOF Robot Leg". Click the image below to open link: